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Introducing AVG CloudCare

AVG® CloudCare™ is a platform that simplifies IT management for your businesses. It protects your devices, data and people with a set of flexible services that we can manage remotely. Activate or deactivate services, roll out policies, install software, and simply take care of all your IT issues, all in a single platform.

CloudCare includes all the exciting and powerful features of AVG Internet Security, with the additional peace of mind of having a managed antivirus. What this means this means for you is that, as your AVG Gold Reseller, Sovereign will deploy your Internet Security package installation right to your PC/Laptop. Once the installation has completed we will be able to monitor your systems antivirus to ensure that it stays up to date. In the event that something is wrong with your antivirus we will be alerted via email so that we can take the right course of action to ensure your system remains secure!

AVG CloudCare consists of the following components you can choose so you only pay for what you use.

AVG AntiVirus

Our small business customers want to know that they have the best and latest protection. We want to make delivering this essential service to our customers more profitable and less of a drain on time and resources. With AVG AntiVirus we both get what you’re looking for. It is designed to protect critical business and customer data by securing your customers’ business PCs, laptops and file servers.


Designed to keep your customers’ businesses protected from the threats that can hide on any website.
With inbound and outbound port and application protection their business is always protected. Identity protection works with the firewall to ensure that the right applications and processes are operating correctly and are also using the right ports for communication.
AVG smart scanning
Only performs scans while your customers are not using their devices and runs in low-priority mode while they’re working.
AVG social networking protection
Automatically checks the links that are exchanged in applications like Facebook® and Skype® in real time to protect your customers’ businesses.
Online shield
Provides direct Web protection for whichever Internet browser your customer decides to use. With direct URL scanning from site to site you can ensure that the online shield will protect them while searching, shopping and banking online.
Identity protection
Identifies all potentially dangerous software and processes enabling secure transactions with their clients and suppliers.

AVG Content Filtering
Our small business customers know they are losing productivity when employees shop and social network on company time. AVG Content Filtering allows them to increase productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering and the ability to block access to the websites that drain time and money from their business.

Simple and free to set up, AVG® Content Filtering is the fast, flexible and highly accurate way to help your customers boost productivity.
No proxy required
Our patented V-routing technology does not require rerouting of traffic or other methods that degrade Internet speed.
Secondary local passwords
Create a secondary, local password to override blocked pages without compromising the administrative password.
Out-of-the-box templates
Use out-of-the-box templates for quick and automatic policy setting and set flexible policies for in the office, at home or on the road. Create new default templates specific for desktops and laptops that can be re-used across customers for easier policy management.
Email alerts
Know what’s happening on every device, at all times with instant alerts by email.
Push policies
Push real-time policy and group updates to specific end-points from the cloud.
Automatic site blocking
Automatically block sites by category – over 60 million sites sorted into subgroups for increased granularity. Use flexible Block /Warn Only/Allow options for employee access to specific sites.
AVG Email Security Services

AVG Email Security Services

AVG AntiSpam is a cloud email security service that delivers comprehensive protection against spam, viruses, phishing attacks and other key email-borne threats. It uses unique technology to identify the sources of spam and, as a cloud-based service, it protects against them with greater accuracy and efficiency than other cloud solutions.


Volume-based email protection
Around 80-90% of all messages travelling over the Internet are actually sent to people who don’t exist at the target domain. AVG AntiSpam eliminates inbound emails destined for unknown individuals at your customers’ domain.
Outbound mail auditing
Helps to block outbound email that contains spam and viruses and prevents your customers from inadvertently spamming their contacts and IP address blacklisting.
Permitted countries
Blocks messages from any country other than those specifically approved for delivery at the address of the sending server.
AVG AntiSpam panel
Can be automatically inserted at the bottom of incoming messages, to let your customers update their access preferences.


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