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Cloud Storage

What Cloud Storage Could Do For You

Have you found that your business has run out of onsite storage? Your backup plan isn't at its best, or maybe you just need a bit of flexibility and support for your business as it grows? Well, cloud storage could be the answer.

What Is It?

Simply put, cloud storage is a modern strategy for storing data in a remote location, which can then be accessed safely through the Internet from anywhere you desire. The data stored there can be accessed and edited from almost any device - PC, laptop, tablet or phone through a secure portal or login system.

How Does It Work?

Cloud storage companies aren't really storing your data up in the ether. Instead the data is stored on a server within a large data center, which employs top of the range security, multiple back up power sources and maintenance staff on hand for the hardware. There are secure data centers everywhere, and cloud storage providers rent out this space and use it to be able to offer you reduced prices for cloud services that would otherwise cost thousands.

Why Should I Use Cloud Storage?

1. It's Safer

Using cloud storage for your data gives you a safety net for your data. If there is a natural disaster, or your computer network fails, all of your files are still stored offsite in the cloud and can be restored at the touch of a button. Cloud storage is the perfect partner for your backup and disaster recovery plan and helps you minimize the risk to your business continuity in an easy and cost effective way.

2. You Can Access Your Data From Anywhere

As well as being able to restore your data quickly in case of an emergency, you can also access your important documents from nearly any device, as long as it has an nternet connection. If you are in a meeting, you can download, edit and print a contract from your cloud storage on the spot with no hassle. This makes cloud storage perfect for companies who have sales people travelling a lot, or employees who need to work from home for example.

3. It's Cheaper

If you wanted to set up and run a cloud storage and backup system for yourself, you might find it ends up costing you a lot more than you bargained for. Buying servers, software and cooling systems, keeping them operational and hiring staff to monitor the backups all adds up, and can mean you spend a small fortune. But by using a managed IT service, you are able to significantly cut that cost. Typically there is a low capital outlay - if there is any at all, with pay monthly plans that mean you only pay for the resources you use. All hardware and maintenance costs are cut, and you can enjoy a minimal monthly outlay in exchange for safety, security and convenience.

4. Better Document Control

When a company doesn't use a centralized database or cloud storage, there can sometimes be issues with document and version control. When 2 or more people are working together on a document, that document would have to be emailed back and forth each time an edit was made - and this can get very complicated very quickly. In the modern business world, over 73% of people collaborate with different people in different time zones, so ensuring that you are working with the same, up to date documents is essential. Using cloud storage means you can keep all of your files in a single central location, and everyone works from that central document, making collaboration easier and more effective, and improving efficiency.

How Do I Get Started?

Luckily, getting started with cloud storage couldn't be simpler. Sovereign offer a range of managed IT and cloud storage services at affordable prices, and can get you set up in one of their managed cloud services in no time. If you want to move into the future, give us a call and we can help you get there.

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