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Are you looking to migrate to Microsoft Azure?

We can help small businesses do incredible things with Microsoft Azure, from hosted computing and networking to data storage and server visualization.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an expanding collection of integrated cloud services – providing a complete solution for businesses that are looking to save money, improve productivity and flexibility by adopting cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure is an incredibly flexible platform that is designed to meet the challenges faced by organisations that rely upon their IT to remain productive and profitable.

Replace your server, application, backup and licencing headaches with a secure cloud solution that is accessible from any device. 

Microsoft Azure service elements.

The below is a sample of a vast range of solutions that are available through Microsoft Azure:

  1. Virtual networks – we can build your own private network in the cloud.
  2. Virtual machine deployment –  including Windows server and Linux.
  3. Microsoft applications as a service –  including SharePoint 2013, SQL server and Dynamics.
  4. Cloud data storage – fully scalable, secure cloud data storage solutions for small and big data.
  5. Cloud-based business intelligence analytics – uncover real-time insights, perform real-time analytics.
  6. Web & mobile app development – build, manage and maintain business apps in the cloud


How can Sovereign help?

Cloud adoption services.

We will provide a smooth transition from owning your own internal infrastructure to fully adopting an Azure-based cloud infrastructure.  We offer strategic guidance, planning and cloud deployment services.

Hybrid cloud solutions.

We can also introduce hybrid clouds solutions, helping you choose from a selection of Azure services and seamlessly integrate these services into your existing infrastructure.

Fully Managed Cloud services.

We offer fully managed services for all of our cloud-based solutions, including Microsoft Azure. This service is suitable for organisations that wish to adopt the cloud but do not have an existing internal IT function.

7 reasons to choose Azure as your preferred cloud platform.
  1. Greatly enhance the overall performance of your IT.
  2. Reduce your total cost of IT ownership by paying only for what you use.
  3. No upfront costs or termination fees.
  4. Introduce a fully scalable, flexible solution that adapts to your business requirements.
  5. Integrate cutting-edge cloud solutions with your existing IT infrastructure.
  6. The first cloud service to adopt the new international cloud privacy standard – ISO 27018.
  7. Unrivaled SLA's  - 99%+ up-time for all integrated services.


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